New Step in Life







If you show signs of these symptoms, you might be a new student in transition. Relax. We’re both in the same boat. While we might register for various orientation programs we still have that feeling that we’re missing something or fear everyone else is ahead of the game.

The first tip I’ll give you is a phrase that helped me whenever I was too afraid to try something new, face large crowds or was too nervous to talk.

unnamed      fears

Most of the time fear is what holds us back from progress. Don’t let your fears control your life. Take that first step for the better. Take charge and be your own “conductor”. Just like a conductor controls an orchestra, direct the changes in your own life. Accept your entire-self, and appreciate your flaws. Flaws add character and shape personalities.

University is a new slate. It is an opportunity to learn, explore different perspectives, and find new friends. Some of us are 17 turning 18, or perhaps 18 turning 19. Personally I’m turning 18 in the fall and ready to start a new chapter in my life. I consider my mistakes, flaws and insecurities as past experience that will make my transition into University easier. I might be able to support others because we share the same past experience and through that connection we might become friends. It’s all about trust and taking the time to communicate effectively and emphatically. This means not only listening with your ears but also your heart.

Another tip I have to share is to invest in your-self. Your “self” is your greatest asset. Take care of both your mental and physical health. Don’t beat yourself down. Use a balance of compassion and self-discipline.

Happy soul-searching! Take Care.


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