Calm before the storm

-Tips and tricks on how to maintain your sanity and health

The first week of university was making sure I had everything I needed, trying not to be anxious and making new friends.

By the second week I was resisting the urge to roll back into bed.

When I feel prepared I feel more confident and enthusiastic about participating in tutorial and completing readings. The student handbook/agenda is your new best friend. It helps you remember complete your “to-do” list. If pen and paper isn’t your thing sticky notes, Evernote or your phone calendar that do the same thing.

I try to relate course concepts from different classes or something interesting I’ve read. This makes me more likely to remember the materials. You can even make a silly song. Heck, anything is game if it makes you understand your reading.

Making small weekly goals help create a sense of purpose. Personally I find that without weekly goals I question my motive for attending university and start to lose interest in doing anything. Those goals add a bit of challenge to my daily life.

Booking an hour a week at least for personal down-time and relaxation allows you to ease of some steam and stay sane

This could range anywhere from reading your favourite book, going to Taekwondo or dance class to just lying down and closing your eyes.

Maintain personal hygiene


You can’t just morph into a different body if your teeth start to rot and fall out. You only have one body.

Maintaining personal hygiene makes you look and feel better. I find that taking a shower after a bad day is quite relaxing. It also shows that you care about your well-being.


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