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How to make an emergency school Kit


Flu season is approaching and I find myself becoming more aware of my surroundings. I physically cringe when someone nearby sneezes, spewing thousands of germs towards me at about 100 miles/ per hour.  It’s worse when you’re on the opposite side of the spectrum, and people give you dirty looks after a particularly loud sneeze.

I understand because I’m currently getting over a cold.

Let me ask you. Have you ever sat in a lecture hall and felt self -conscious because you had no tissue paper to use and didn’t want to get up? Instead you just covered your nose to avoid grossing out fellow classmates.

Never be un-prepared again

9 things to keep in your emergency school kit

The first thing to keep in mind is storage. How many items will be in your kit? Also keep in mind the opaqueness of the bag if you are carrying private items such as tampons or sanitary napkins.

You can use anything from a zip lock bag, extra pencil case or cosmetic bag

1) Sanitary/beauty items

(I got a 10 pack of tissue packets at the dollar store for $ 1.50)

The lotion is great to keep your skin moisturized during cold weather.

2) First Aid/Medication

** Keep in mind though some allergy medications can make you drowsy. Personally Reactine non-drowsy tablets make me sleepy, so I stick with Singulair or Claritin

3) Hair –Care

4) Empty Water bottle or mug /snacks (like a granola bar)

5) Sanitary Napkins/Tampons

6) Money

7) Extra pencil/pen

8)  Breath mint/gum, floss

9)  Electronics

Feel Free to remind me of any missing items or share recommendations