Happy Belated Thanksgiving Everyone!

What did you guys do? Did you enjoy family time? Perhaps eat a turkey with gravy? Or was your Thanksgiving a flop? It can’t be as bad as getting a turkey stuck on your head? Can it?


Regardless of whether or not you actually ate turkey, Thanksgiving to me is basically spending time with family and enjoying a meal together. It doesn’t have to be a turkey; the main idea is investing time in your immediate family or perhaps family you haven’t seen in a while. It’s a time to relax and reflect.

Often times we are so caught up in what we want that we forget what we have.  I remember my launch leader at OST talking about writing three things you are thankful for so you are reminded of the people and things you have in your life.

So, about a week before thanksgiving I bought a small magnetic white board to place on our family fridge. I wrote 3 things I was thankful or 3 things I accomplished throughout the day.

images (1)

My mother eventually caught on and starting writing additional items on the board.  As cheesy as it sounds, the whole point of my story is to remind everyone to be thankful of the things they have. That test may not have been the best but at least you learned you should change your study habits, or that you should pay attention to instructions more. Remember to take your mistakes in stride, don’t linger on them, but rather learn from them.


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