First Year Eagle

How to Deal with Failure


Failure no matter how small is difficult to deal with. I can say this from experience.  I used to be overly critical every-time I would “fail” at a task. Sometimes it was about not reaching a goal or completing the task up to my standards.  As cheesy as it sounds sometimes the journey is more important that the destination. Instead of being focused on disappointment maybe think about what you learned from the experience.

-Think about the reason of your “failure”

-Did you set unrealistic goals that set you up for failure?

-How do you feel because of your failure?

(I find it difficult to sometimes recognize my feeling like when I’m angry or upset.  A written self-reflection helps me analyse my feelings and recognize where those feeling emerge from. If you don’t like writing your feelings out then talk them out. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to your friends/parents you can’t always talk to a pet, or a stuffed animal-whatever makes you feel better.

Good 2 Talk is a great resource

-setting realistic goals

-seeking academic help at the Robert Gillespie academic skills Centre (located in the third floor of the library which is in the CCT building. By the way the third floor is actually the second floor because the basement is considered the first floor.)

-Finding an activity that helps you de-stress

Failure is an inevitable part of life and the faster you understand that, the better you can use your experiences for future endeavors.