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School doesn’t have to be that way. It’s important to recognize that there will be off days where you feel really tired and unmotivated. It’s natural because you are human. Regain your faith in humanity. There are ways to cope.

Two weeks ago my Launch group at OST were talking about study tips. We did circuit training around study tips and modes of relaxation. I was surprised to learn even reviewing materials within 24 hours wasn’t enough and that an additional review at the end of the week ensures maximum retention.

Different people use various learning styles. For example a visual learner may use flash cards. It was interesting to learn that using a combination of learning styles maximizes learning. Reading out loud is an example of that. You read the material, look at it, then hear it. This allows you to retain the info much better than just using flash cards for example.  Essentially you have to figure what works best for you. The possibilities are endless.


Below are some study resources that our Launch Leader Maria Popa posted on blackboard. Feel free to use them and comment about your experience.

1) UTM Past Exam Repository – sign in with your utorID and password:


– video explanations of different topics


– online discussion forum


– free online courses, access to course materials online


– Create your own online Flascards

6) Smart Ideas- online concept-mapping software (to make flow charts and visual notes)

7) Must Have University Apps

10+ Must Have Apps for College Students

8) French – on-line grammar/spelling checker

9) My weekly schedule:: time management exercise

10) Online Study Planner- Free For Students


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