Life is spontaneous so learn to embrace it

Life never goes as planned when you want it to. But, sometimes that’s not bad.  In high school I wasn’t receptive to socializing. In fact I shied away from it, until I moved to another school for senior year. I felt like I could start anew and I slowly started talking to more people and made new friends. I feel like it’s all about your mindset. When you’re positive, it shows in body language; it makes you seem more approachable.  I started my first year in University with a positive mindset and it got me a job, a volunteer position, and new friends.


I feel like being open minded is essential for progress, because it opens you up the endless possibilities. I’ve spent too much of my life analyzing everything that I’ve deciding to adopt a more relaxed approach. This could as simple as striking a conversation with the person next to you.  You never know who it might me. I’ve found classmates with this method and also met upper years from the same program.  I remember about a month ago I came upon an utm women centre’s facilitator workshop.  Basically I learned about how to be facilitator, and the essentials steps of organizing a meeting.

IMG_20151009_164247 (1)

I’ve also met some really cool people with Maanya ( a fellow blogger and friend), after following the sound of an Ocarina ( a type of flute) into the woods. Mind you be careful before you decide to venture into the forest, but my point is that I got to meet two people who very interesting and reminded who reminded me that even though its University and I should be concerned for my grades I should leave some time for stress relievers and not burn myself out and also not to be concerned about my personal progress based on the outward reaction of others.

You’ll never know what type of opportunities life may present you, so be open minded and a bit spontaneous.


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