Christmas Takeover

It’s not even December yet and already stores are setting up Christmas decorations, radios are blaring holiday jingles and one of my neighbours decorated their house the week after Halloween. I’m still trying to digest the aftermath of Thanksgiving and my past midterms.

crazy elf

I keep thinking to myself, that there is no way Christmas is this close. Some people still have midterms to worry about. Sheesh, the thought of having another midterm makes me feel nauseous. I give the best of luck to those who still have them. On a side note I’ve heard meditating 15 minutes before a text/exam helps you perform better. I personally just wash my face with cold water and stretch a bit.


Anyway, I can’t believe exams are less than 3 weeks away.  I wonder who has already started studying for exams, who is struggling with their assignments and who has officially given up? Feel free to confirm your status in the comments. Know that there is still hope. Btw Exam Jam is coming up so keep your eye out for that. Exam Jam provides study sessions plus an opportunity to de-stress.

Also keep in mind that sometimes taking a break actually helps you study. I’m not saying go party before a test, but just a short walk, chat with a friend, or a visit to the gym helps. I remember taking a walk to Deerfield Hall and seeing about 4 deer clustered together. It was a nice surprise, I got fresh air and I didn’t sweat buckets like other activities.

Remember we have already been through exams before in high school and if we can survive midterms we can survive anything.  🙂


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