Hack-a-thon Adventure


Is it just me or is everyone getting sick. I feel much better now, but the past few weeks I was coughing like a maniac. Every time I coughed I felt like my head was about to explode.

Anyway, let’s go back on topic. Last week I went to Office of Student Transition Hackathon with fellow bloggers Maanya and Mahika. I highly recommend liking the OST’s Facebook page and seeing if they will hold another hackathon because it was a lot of fun. I got to meet new people and produce some artwork and a story line (with Mahika).

On Friday, there was a training session and everyone got to see how the game worked. We then were split into groups such as programming, music, puzzles, story line and art. Maanya worked on art and Mahika and I chose puzzles and the storyline. Everyone in the storyline/ puzzle section were split into sections to work on the library, Health and Counselling Centre or the RAWC. Mahika and I worked on the library section. Daniel (upper year student ) and Jackie Goodman (First-Year Transition and Academic Support Coordinator) filled us in on what to target when writing the library storyline. I liked that we got to create something new and interesting at the  Hack-a-thon. It was great when we got to see everyone’s work Saturday night. Some created puzzles, game boards, music, programs or storylines and it was fantastic to see the progress we made in two days.

I got to create this cool pixel sprite on Saturday. Heather (an upper year) was really helpful. She showed me how to use Photoshop and helped me out whenever I was confused about anything.


Check out everyone else’s artwork on the OST facebook page. They are much better than mine. https://www.facebook.com/ostutm/

I hope everyone reading this blog post keeps their eye out for opportunities like the Hack-a-thon, because it’s not only fun and allows you to get a co-curricular record notation, but it opens you up to new possibilities and you learn new skills. Before the Hack-a–thon, I didn’t know how to use Photoshop. Now, I can. Keep your eyes peeled and enjoy this fantastic day.


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