Happy New Year! Not


Believe it or Not January is almost OVER.  I wonder how many New Year’s resolutions have been buried and lost forever. RIP New Year’s resolutions.


BTW, who else was angry that our Campus started earlier than St. George? We needed more recuperation from the food comas New Year’s Eve parties gave us.

Not to mention our sleeping habits. High- five to the people who had no class on January 4th, 2015 (Mondays) .Lucky ducks

Unfortunately for me I lived like a vampire during the break. I lived in fear of morning light except for the occasional family gatherings I was forced to go to. I went to the public library, read books and wrote out a few short stories and cough cough; finished overdue readings. I would stay up most of the night and sleep till noon like the dead.


So on the morning of January 4th. I looked like this.


The weather we had was so good, until overnight it became winter. It was -15 on January 4th, or at least it felt like it. Instead of wearing my usual red coat I opted for a long blue winter coat with a pink fluffy hat. I was ready to brave the outdoors and socialize with people.

If you guys are fed up with winter , just remember…



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