Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

Who else has gotten lost in the hallway tunnels of Davis? I appreciate that I don’t have to walk in the cold, but I’ve gotten lost so many times I’ve lost count. It feels like I’m re-living my day like that episode of supernatural (Mystery Spot) where Sam and Dean are stuck in a never ending Tuesday.


Also when I went to my tutorial on the first week even though it was cancelled, I encountered the creepy halls of Davis; the “bowels of the building.” The room was 1092A and on my way there I felt like I had encountered the set for a horror movie. I could hear the Jaws soundtrack playing in my ear. Later when I walked past 1092A to leave Davis and go to the Kaneff building, I encountered eery noises coming from the pipes above. Utm may be haunted. Nahhhhhh


Feel free to comment below about the . creepiest places on campus.


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