Story of my Life. Not !

As tiring as it is to hear over and over than LIFE IS TOO SHORT; an overused cliché of a phrase, it is true. I experienced this first hand this year within my circle of friends and family. I think back to a poem I wrote last year and the line; death doesn’t discriminate.
I decided to write a list of guidelines for myself
1) Accept challenges hobby
While it is important to know when to take a break, there are times when you need a bit of a challenge to keep life Interesting. If you’re bored with your school work for example relate it to something you find fun. Taking new hobbies brightens things and lets you get “challenged.” BTW, I hate to say this to myself; but napping isn’t a hobby.

2) Don’t lie to yourself
Lying is not a very favorable trait, but the fact is; many people lie and they lie a lot. The best thing you can do for yourself is at least not lie TO YOURSELF.

3) Keep at least one pet in my home 3
There is a pet for everyone. Even if you have allergies like me, you can find YOUR TRUE PET. Lol, mine is a parrot. I call him Meeto. Animals are very therapeutic.

This is not my parrot, but he/ she is still cute.

4) Healing through laughter
I’ve once heard “people who laugh more, live longer.” I’ve heard it somewhere but don’t remember from where. If you’re upset, read or watch a comedic video. Humour is also a great way to convey info that is hard to swallow. Plus laughing just feels great.

5) “Dance like nobody is watchinge418065144ccf1bac48270e376348cb5
By this I mean stop being so self-conscious of every single thing you do. Every time I’m embarrassed in public I think “why does this moment matter in the big picture?” People are worried about what other people think all the time. What’s the point if we are afraid of what people think of us if we make the same mistakes. I find that body language is key to my social life. Posturing like you’re confident helps you feel confident and appear confident to others even if you are a wrack of nerves in front of the microphone.

6) Try new things 635618935052127209229228118_tumblr_inline_mi4a6bUH7F1qz4rgp.gif
I never thought I’d spend Sunday afternoons drawing dragons and filling in colour books, but I do. It helps me relax. I even started playing piano again and I find it’s a great form of stress relief that doesn’t involve swimming or feeling like your legs are about to fall off or that you’ll melt in a puddle of sweat. This could also mean getting a new haircut like I did. I was tired of long hair so I got my hair cut Cleopatra style.

I challenge you to make your own list or pick one of the above and at least follow one guideline. 🙂




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